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General Information:

Camwood accepts monthly rent payments by:

Payments must be received by the first of the month in the form of personal cheque(s), certified cheque(s), or money order(s). Post-dated cheques ensure that your monthly rent is paid on time. We do offer the convenient option of pre-authorized payments.

For any maintenance issues:

All maintenance concerns must be made in writing. We encourage tenants to use the maintenance request form located on this website or located at the property in the common hall by the stairs leading to the units. Submitting photos with requests are very helpful.

Please note: tenant's are responsible for keeping their unit clean, and ensuring that no items are obstructing any paths or the ability to exit freely at all times. No suite or common area doors should be propped open at any time.

All fire safety equipment must be connected and working at all times. Please ensure that any deficiencies are reported promptly.

Keeping our office updated is important:

Please ensure that you reach out to our office if your contact information has changed or if you have any changes of who is residing in the unit. These forms can be found under the downloads form section on this page. 

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